How the Autistic Self Advocacy Network Helps Parents and Families of Autistics

One of the biggest issues I see that parents and families of Autistics have with ASAN is the assumption that ASAN doesn’t help parents and families of Autistics. That assumption is incorrect so I want to explain how ASAN helps parents and families of Autistics. 

1. ASAN supports research into services and supports that help Autistic children AND their parents and families now. A common frustration I see amongst parents and families of Autistics is that services and supports are hard to access. There’s so much red tape and bureaucracy parents and families have to deal with. ASAN works to minimize the red tape and bureaucracy and make services and supports more affordable so that more parents and families are able to access services. 

2. ASAN supports services like speech therapy and occupational therapy. A common misconception about ASAN is that we don’t want these kinds of services. 

3. ASAN supports independent living and post-secondary services. This is beneficial for parents and families of older Autistic teenagers and young adults because this makes it easier for your child to move out and live independently and be a contributing member of society. Additionally, ASAN supports better supports at colleges and universities so you don’t have to worry about your child not getting a college education and more job opportunities that come with a college degree. 

These are just 3 ways ASAN supports parents and families of Autistics. 

If any other Autistics have anything to add, feel free to add it. 

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