Why do commercials never have the same volume level? It’s like one is quiet, then boom! The next one is super loud! Why can’t they make a standard volume level for T.V. shows and commericals?

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    Found something! http://www.amazon.com/Terk-VR1-Automatic-Volume-Controller/dp/B00008VWOJ
  2. alliecat-person said: They do it so that people will be sure to hear the commercials. Urgh.
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    If you find somewhere I can buy something like that then let me know. It’s totally possible to do and all, I just...
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    This is completely possible. I’d think that this is produced, but then again, commercialization of these sorts of things...
  5. iamthethunder said: It is an advertising strategy they use to grab your attention. Some states are trying to ban it. There was an NPR story on it a few months ago.